Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Innovative Ideas for Women Tattoos

It is no secret that a vast number of individuals who get tattoos in society today are women. Many women perceive tattoos to be indicative of their inner mind, their creativity, or in many cases, something that they greatly believe in. Thus placing an image on their body serves as a way of self-expression and highlights individuality.

Tattoo design ideas for females can be similar to the ones of men, although there are, of course, some differences. Some people tend to assume that if a woman has a tattoo, then she is an individual who has been misguided into being an irresponsible, unfavorable person. This is not the case so much as it is having the same women be mature enough to want to express themselves through bodily art.

Many women choose to go for tattoo design ideas involving elements of nature. Flowers and animals are a common choice for many women, and in some cases, they even ope to go for combination tattoo design ideas such as inanimate objects combined with nature-related ones.

For many women, the flower tattoo design idea is common, because many women favor certain flowers such as daisies, tulips, lilies and the like. It is also quite common for women to go for tattoo ideas involving chains of flowers, sometimes wrapping around the wrist or ankle, upper arm, and other such conducive areas.

Animal tattoo designs are also commonly used by women. For instance, the rooster can be very creative and catchy when combined with the head of another animal like a dog, particularly one considered dear to the wearer. Many animal designs end up being designed to be cute or cartoony, and while many men cannot pull this off, most women have a natural knack for it.

The combination of both a flower and animal design is also a great idea. A bee with a flower or a horse on a grassy field are some examples of these. Snakes on branches are also commonly used. No matter what design appeals to the woman, it is ultimately her decision entirely to come up with the design that best suits her needs.

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